a view of the home by the pool area


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a view of the home by the pool area

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Project Story

The extensive redesign of an existing one story spec house set out to weave the existing house, the addition and the client’s lifestyle into its beautiful landscape. The design departed from the client’s interest in Native American arts and developed into a study of how architectural elements interact with the environment.

The facades are clad in a mahogany dowel screen threaded with copper tubes at areas of roof drainage. On rainy days, the house takes on a dynamic character as the water drains from the roof on to the copper tubes, prompting their movement. As the copper develops water patterns, the house establishes its own character within the landscape. To emphasize the mahogany and copper screen,
the overhangs, trim and excess decoration were removed and the existing house was painted slate color to fade into the background.The screen walls and roofs also allow gradual spatial transition from interior to exterior spaces because of their nature to be transparent or solid at different times.

For the decks, various width mahogany boards were used to create a wood woven blanket spread over the site. The reveals in the deck patterns are designed to orientate sightlines and movements though the house and site. The rhythm of architectural patterns and textures synchronizes with its surroundings allowing the house to
dissolve into nature.

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