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White Kitchen, White Home

rie.JPGNot only is the kitchen white, but most of the home is white too. With accents, texture and little bits of color, it adds up to a gorgeous look. The home we see, today, is my cousin's home, just down the road from the Queen's summer castle in Denmark!

So, yes, we have another white Scandinavian kitchen...we cannot have too many, I think. Enjoy the tour of my cousin's home. She has two small children, and the woman you see in one of the images is her mother, preparing dinner. Oh, the house is 150 years old.

Please enjoy this slide show and tell me what you think!  

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over 12 years ago

Black Kitchens - Trending NOW!

I know you're ready for some wonderful kitchens! Last week was mostly an informational week, and I think we need a few days of kitchen eye candy, or, let's prepare dessert first in our kitchens!

What a treat today, to see THIS blog mentioned on Decor8, by Rachel Perls of Hue Consulting. Rachel talks about the "black" trend in all things interior design related, including kitchens. Black, absolutely, is a trend in kitchens. I'm observing this trend is only getting stronger. I have to say it is stunning. It may be best dressed up, as you see in the little black dress, always a classic.

But, is it a classic, in terms of kitchen cabinetry? That is the question! Surely, we are seeing so MUCH black these days, but I'm still not convinced it translates to a classic in the kitchen. I predict it will be dated in five years.  I'd tread carefully around black, if you can resist it! Can you? 

Take a look at Rachel's take on black. She is a color expert, and her point of view is interesting and insightful. Images from decor8.

Or, you may want to add a black accent piece, rather than commit to black in your cabinetry, as I did in this kitchen I designed before black was even a whisper! There are other black accents in and around this kitchen:


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over 12 years ago

Kitchen Ventilation - Copper Hoods

I received this really cute email yesterday from an artisan who makes hand crafted copper hoods. Here it is:

Copper_Hood_2-1a.jpg"Hello, I am writing this letter in regards to a product I make that I think you might be interested in, Copper hood ranges, at the moment, I make them in my spare time but I would like to eventually make it a full time job, there a few different styles I can make and I attached a couple pictures.  By trade I am a welder and I learned how to make and design them while working for a company in Alberta Canada, I try to offer the the best possible price."

The fabricator said he works only with design professionals because there are so many critical dimensions involved into custom making a hood, including issues with shape and proportion. Pairing a hood with the proper ventilation appliance becomes a whole separate challenge as well, in terms of dimensions, cfms, ducting options, and more. Likewise, he prefers to communicate with a design professional on finishes, material properties, and all other details mentioned.

Design pros, contact me for further information.
















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over 12 years ago

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - See t...

So, we've done more talking about our kitchen remodel in our NYC apartment. We don't necessarily make fast decisions, or if we do make a fast decision, which seems right, that's great, but we still like to let some time pass to revisit those decisions to make sure we were not just being impulsive. We decide, then ponder, confirm the decision, then act. That's our style!

Take a look at the pictures, so you can see the context of what we're going to do and why. Since those pictures were taken a few months back, some artwork changes have taken place, i.e., that huge black/white print is gone, among other changes, and the coffee table replaced. Eventually, we will get a flat screen tv and remove the large (but beautiful) bamboo cabinet.

The first image tells the story!

See that black loveseat? The way we have the furniture arranged, we are able to have two sofas in this small space quite easily. We NEED two sofas, so that we can each have one! We are unable to sit at a sofa without stretching out (mostly!) Invite me to your home and you'll see what I mean...

That one lifestyle detail drives the entire kitchen plan. 

 We need the new sofa to remain in the same position as the black one is now. That means that, by default, the wall will come down only to a height of approximately 42", about 6" above the countertop. This way, two goals are met:

  1. Open up the apartment
  2. Maintain two sofas

Take a look toward the front door. The only wall that will remain in the foyer area is that little piece of wall, which extends from the front door to the doorway of the kitchen. Everything else will go down to 42" in height or thereabouts.

There will essentially be an "L" shape at 42" high, an entry to the kitchen that goes to the ceiling, and the 26" section of wall at the front door. And, the wide, shallow pantry with shelves? Right now, it has hooks for coats, but I'll put shelving in there for needed kitchen storage. It's about 12" deep, making opening up the kitchen a non issue for storage purposes.

Here is what it looks like now, so you can get the flow of the space. Questions, thoughts, comments, let me have them!

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over 12 years ago

Green Kitchen Design Inspiration

Today's post brings to a close, this special Green Kitchen Design Week. I have learned new information in the course of writing about this topic this week, and I hope you have too. I hope you are more aware than ever before of green design issues, product resources for green kitchens and the oppoortunities available to define "green" in the context of a kitchen remodeling project.

Three easy to remember concepts in living green and creating eco friendly kitchens are the 3 R's:




This is such a broad topic, I could never cover it in a week! In the future, I will discuss energy efficient lighting, eco friendly flooring, and other building materials used in a kitchen remodel, including how to find green products. Over time, I will also be adding to my green collection of websites and blogs, found on the sidebar. To get started, here are two resources I'm crazy about: Treehugger's How to Go Green and The Lazy Environmentalist, found via K+BB Green. Till then, here is a mostly green kitchen design (remember, you can express yourself in "shades of green") from Natural Home.




























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over 12 years ago
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