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Viking Range Color - What To Do?

Here's a question from Maryann:

viking.jpg"We are remodeling our kitchen.  The look we're going for is whitewashed custom cabinets with chocolate glaze and a large black  island.  We planned on stainless steel appliances - 42" fridge and 48" viking range.  We were considering the 48" white viking range - would that color work in this kitchen or would a white range be better suited in another style kitchen?"





Maryann, right off the bat, it sounds to me like you will be dealing with two different whites...a bright white (if that is what you are referring to) for the Viking, and a glazed white cabinet color, which will be somewhere in the ivory/cream family.

I'd be very careful when mixing whites. Some whites have a pink cast, some a green, some, a yellow, for example. It is critical that you see the actual Viking color samples alongside of your cabinet color, preferrably in your own home during different times of the day and lighting conditions. Pay attention to the tones.

oyster%20gray.jpgI'll tell you what you may consider. Check out the Oyster Gray. I've used it before. It's deep enough to be enough of a contrast with your cabinets, but only you will be able to tell if the tones work well or not. It's a great neutral shade.

I will also tell you that a lesser used, but beautiful combination IS using white and cream colors together. You may want to carefully think through using white and cream elsewhere in the room as well so that it is viewed as a theme of sorts, rather than one item white and one item cream. Done well, I actually really love this look.


I hope this was helpful!

Posted by Susan serra, ckd
over 11 years ago


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