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Dance In Your Kitchen!

Ok, I'm feeling the weekend coming on!

We were "this close" to going to New Orleans this weekend for the JazzFest. We've gone 6 times since 1995. We MAY even go for a quick one nighter next weekend. Instead, this weekend, our daughter her husband, and their dog (who's afraid of our cat who gets into the tiger stalking stance at the sight of his rustling tail) are coming out for the weekend. I have declared this weekend, JazzFest weekend on the blog, and we will definitely have the music cranked up ALL WEEKEND, while we are all cooking together, with wine flowing, and as I have it on right now on my computer, as there will be LIVE programming from the Fest!

Here's where you go to take part in your own version of dancing in the kitchen while you're cooking this weekend! Go to WWOZ! 

To me, that's when a kitchen really lives up to its full potential...loved ones, music, wine, good food, pets, what else is there?? Enjoy!


Posted by Susan serra, ckd
over 11 years ago


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