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KBIS 2008 - More Pantry Love!

From KBIS, I have too many fun images of organizational finds for the pantry not to share them with you, so there is more for today. And, if you're like me, I think it's so much fun to discover new ways of organizing (yes, FUN.) Keeps the insides of our cabinets interesting, so that they, oh let's take a stretch here, do their JOB to amuse their pantry masters, right? Not to mention adding efficiency to the mix. Poor pantries, SO much work to do! I think my own pantry definitely needs therapy, it's so mixed up...

Here we go again. Would you prefer this for your corner wall cabinet (it pulls out!):
















OR THIS....! No contest!

















Also from Knape & Vogt is this super handy pull out tray divider...

















From Rev-A-Shelf, new (as all these products are) for 2008 is the answer to your pan storage...













Here's a cool corner solution from Sidelines


















Also from Sidelines, a neat wine/bottle storage device/piece/unit/thing
















And now for the fireworks images!!! Again, from Sidelines, and you'll see a variety of organizational solutions for closets and for kitchens and anywhere else you need to organize your stuff...enjoy!

sidelines%20a.jpg Sidelines_8b.jpg

Posted by Susan serra, ckd
over 11 years ago


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