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ann%20sacks.jpgI'm thinking random thoughts today, so I'll jump around and show you some things you need to see.

You need to see the post from Living Well in Westchester, about antique hardware! I mean, come on, how cool is that?  Mark has lots of good insight on all things home related.

Laurie Burke from Kitchen Design Notes has good information on small space kitchens. Laurie says she likes small kitchens. I do too. They're efficient, smart, and any designer worth his/her salt enjoys the unique challenge of trying to get every square inch of function out of a small kitchen!

Kelly from Kitchen Sync has insightful information on seating around countertops, what works, what may not, and WHY. Most important issues to resolve is real lifestyle behavior rather than assumed. Good ideas and solutions, take a look.

Ann from KitchAnn Style is showing new tile from Ann Sacks. Of course, you know it has to be gorgeous! These handmade tiles of glass give an old world look with modern character. I think they're just gorgeous. Good find!

pollock-rangehood-detail1.jpgSpeaking of good finds, here's one from me. How about a Jackson Pollack inspired hood? Yes, that's what this image is, a hood! Inspired by artist Jackson Pollack, a Manhattan museum curator sought to experience the artist's work in a unique way. And, why not? Built, artistically, by Metallo Arts.

Oh, did someone ask about my "Top Secret" project? If all the stars line up, it may be unveiled on the weekend of the 22nd. In the meantime, take a look at this. It is connected to the project. What does it have to do with kitchens? Everything!



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over 11 years ago


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