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Kitchen Blog Anniversary

Talking about kitchens...does it ever end? It's been a year since I wrote my first post on this blog. I started with a little hesitancy, a bit unsure of where this was going. Somehow I just kept thinking of kitchen related issues to talk about. At this moment, I have so many kitchen focused things to talk about, I don't know what to talk about first!

This is such a natural process for me...just to toss out ideas, stir up the pot a bit, and lots more. I love this process. I've also met so many amazing bloggers who have welcomed me into the design blogging community from the very start. I actually didn't know about this whole, well, underworld isn't the best word, but universe of blogging, until I started blogging, and then, what a surprise I found! Cool people, great ideas, interactivity at its best.

So, I'm feeling good at this one year mark. I also feel I'm at my prime in life and in my career. I've actually never been more happy, more confident, fully engaged with life in a positive way, than right now, and I'm looking forward to more good things to come, including my TOP SECRET project, soon to be unveiled!

I LOVE reading your comments. Say whatever you want. Disagree with me or challenge anything I say at anytime. Maybe I'll learn something.  Maybe you will. Maybe we both will!

I may be gone from this blog for days at a time, it just happens, but I'm here in spirit. Kitchens are the soul of the home, where all five senses come together. They're special. I love thinking about kitchens. I love cooking with my husband and cooking when my kids come to visit. I love the glass of wine that my husband pours for me while we're cooking. I love the sofa as part of my kitchen table. Good stuff happens in the kitchen. My husband just yelled down the stairs "Hey!" which is sort of our word to say hello. Gotta run and get that glass of wine, as I'm sure he's preparing dinner now....

More good things to blog about later...just wait! Thanks for your would really not be the same without you.  



Posted by Susan serra, ckd
over 11 years ago


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