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My Danish Families' Kitchens

Today is Christmas, I'm the only one up right now. The cold is surrounding me, a candle burns, and I think warm thoughts of my family in and around Copenhagen. I've spoken to a few via email and phone, an uncle who called last night at midnight his time, 7 pm (I think) our time, when he knew our U.S. family was all together. Sweet!

I think of my cousin's daughter (my second cousin?) who just had twins in October with her (married) partner, one of the twins who has been hospitalized since then, having several heart operations. They skipped Christmas at my cousin's home, choosing to stay at the hospital. And, at the other end of life's journey, I think of my uncle who just had his 94th birthday and lives alone, and happily, in his apartment, the orange kitchen seen below. Also, of another uncle and his family who will visit and dine today (12, in a very small dining room) at an aunt's small, log cabin home, overlooking the sea.

Near or far, family is what life's about. And, as we all know, a whole lot of life happens in the kitchen! So, here we go, take a look at some of my Danish families' kitchens, and dining areas, who, I'm sure, have been busy preparing tasty meals for the days surrounding Christmas. Images taken in August '07. Enjoy YOUR holiday cooking, food, dinners, and gatherings!


Posted by Susan serra, ckd
over 11 years ago


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