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Gray Kitchens For A Gray Day

This must be the most gray day in history! We're having a nor'easter, and it seems as if everything is gray. Well, not everything. The backdrop of the day is surely gray, but I happen to like this type of day, at this time of year. You have gray skies, then, especially now, there are still trees with beautiful, bright, brown, leaves, peppering the gray skies, that have not fallen yet, the brown tree trunks, some white snow, and green ivy as a ground cover. All this from my window. Gray, brown, white, green. It works for me. Another beautiful color palette by Mother Nature.

So, perfect inspiration for, what else, gray kitchens! Neutral, cozy (some), simple, elegant, charming. Lots of different looks in a gray color scheme. What are cold, gray, skies, to some, may be a cozy backdrop to others. Sort of like these kitchens, I presume. Most images have been collected from Desire To Inspire, a favorite blog with endless, absolutely endless, interior design ideas and inspiration. Each day, a new collection of perfectly themed images. Enjoy!

Posted by Susan serra, ckd
over 11 years ago


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