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Nobel.jpgYesterday was the ceremony for the award of the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, since Al Gore is the recipient, it is especially interesting to hear his speech on our planet's climate crisis, including his philosophy, ideas, and solutions. Just as interesting, and compelling, is the speech given by R. K. Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Most likely, one does not hear about this second speech, only Al Gore's, so take a look.

I am not a scientist. I am also not a full fledged treehugger, nor do I have an expanse of knowledge in this area. I'd say that I am increasingly making real efforts to become aware of this issue, especially as it relates to my work. This is a very broad issue to sort through. It will take time and it will take a commitment to continually seek out knowledge and learn to apply that knowledge in my work. Take a look at the speeches given yesterday.  

It did occur to me yesterday, when I put the tv on, that CNN, and other channels gave an incredible amount of time on some murder and celebrity stories and just a moment on this year's Nobel Peace Prize awards. The planet is sick, and they are covering a murder mystery. What can I say?

On a lighter note, my daughter was in the audience at this year's ceremony in Oslo, yesterday. She said it was an incredibly moving experience and called my attention to both speeches. Tonight is the spectacular concert which will highlight Al Gore's and his colleague's contributions as well as showcase great musical acts. I was in attendance at the concert last year, and spent 5 days in Oslo, surrounding the Peace Prize award. It was a very exciting time to be in Oslo, the city was electric (no pun intended!) I'll try to update this post with youtube or other video links of the concert tomorrow.

It is so clear to me how I felt last year. I felt as it the whole world was assembling at Oslo's town hall in peace, as one car after another arrived with flags blowing in the wind. That was the feeling. It was a big feeling, coupled with what appeared to be low security (in the U.S., the entrance into the City Hall would be blocked off for a mile all around!) We stood right at the entrance and watched the dignitaries arrive, complete with a band at the entrance. Life changing.

As we speak, my daughter has my repetitive voice in her head to scoop up all the Scandinavian magazines she can get her hands on!! I should get my hands on them tomorrow. A fresh batch of Scandinavian kitchens!! Life is good!

Here's an update, a song by Kylie Minogue. This stage is probably the largest I've ever seen. It's a fantastic venue. And, the concert has musical artists from around the world, the top musical artists on the planet. In between is a short speech from the recipient (not included in this video) calling attention to the issue at hand for that particular year. It is a concert which should have very widespread attention for its global feeling, fantastic and varied musical content, as well as featuring the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in a more informal setting, just "talking" to the audience. It's perfect.

Oh, by the way, the hosts this year were Uma Thurman and Kevin Spacey.

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over 11 years ago


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