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Every year, in the summer, I look toward the end of the year and wonder, what will the last quarter look like? Will it be a frenzy to get my clients ready for Thanksgiving and then the Holidays beyond? Are there clients who must be completely done by Christmas....or else they will self destruct? If so, then I go along for the ride!

Already, the memories are flooding back. Memories, in particular, of an installer who promised me that he would finish a few items in a client's home (moldings are everything, the finished look) on Christmas Eve, no less, yet called to cancel a day or so prior, setting the client into a tail spin. Or, the client, where there really was no chance of getting done what she wanted anyway, due to her other tradesperson, so instead, I faux painted some 6'' x 54" x 3/4" pieces of wood and put them into place in those empty spots in her kitchen (which looked great!)

And, then there are the countertop deliveries! I can't remember any countertop delivery horror stories, but I may well be blocking those out. I will say, in those last few months, the countertop fabricators and installers are much busier than usual, as, of course, everyone wants their kitchen done, whether it's feasible or not, they just want it! Of course, how can I blame them, I'd want it done too!

And, then, there are those who yawn through the holidays and tell me, whenever, whatever, "I'm not going to drive myself crazy around the holidays." Some of those clients tell me that it gives them an "out" on entertaining responsibilities.

This year, I'm thankful and looking upward (and sideways) that I don't have any clients who are racing against the clock to get their kitchens done by New Year's Eve or earlier. I hit it real lucky this year, I can relax this month, just a bit. While I am busier than usual, it's for future work, not buttoning up present work in the month of December. Yay!

If you're in a frenzy right about now, wondering if you'll get your kitchen done by your deadline, I don't have any words of wisdom for you, unfortunately, There are so many steps, people, and suppliers involved in any one kitchen, that, take your pick, something can go wrong when you least expect it, and it can be legitimately, VERY frustrating for the homeowner. It's a tough one. I actually recommend getting your cabinets delivered by October the latest, if you want your kitchen for the holidays.

So, hang in there, and, Happy Holidays! I hope you all get your kitchens done BEFORE your deadlines!! Here's to that hope!

Posted by Susan serra, ckd
over 11 years ago


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