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What I Did Last Week

I guess I took a small leave of absence that was unintentional! I've just finished a crazy week, crazier than usual.

It started last Wednesday in New York City. I was asked by KBB magazine (Kitchen Bath Business) to be a judge of product innovations for 2007, to be disclosed in their December issue. There were five other judges invited and, I believe, 147 product entries for us to go through. This took most of the day, and included much spirited, open, discussion. I suppose it was sort of what a jury room must be like! The jury foreman (non judge representative from KBB) did a great job of adding order to the chaos, and assuring that everyone was heard. We came with different points of view, a good thing. I could tell you who the winners are...but then I'd have to harm you!

The next day, Thursday, I met a business associate from Europe, and we traipsed down to Washington D.C. to discuss a large residential multi apartment project. We took the 6 am train there and the 1 pm train back. We also took a circuitous route back to Union Station in DC by way of a cab driver (I casually said, give us a tour) who then wanted to charge us $60 when all I asked to see was the Capital, which was right near Union Station! Switched trains in New York and took the train out to my home and went to dinner with my husband and business associate.

Friday found me and my associate in the offices of two shelter publication editors, again in New York, striking while my associate was in town (more details at another time!)

Saturday, again in the city with my associate, looking at beautiful showrooms in Soho, with a first stop in DUMBO to see the Gaggenau/Bosch/Thermador showroom, and take in the incredible view.

Mind you, most of these times I went going back and forth to the city from my home in Long Island, an hour away with no traffic. Sunday, I CRASHED at home, of course, doing work too, and my associate left town after a successful trip. I must note that Friday we experienced (got my husband to meet me to drive home together) legendary traffic. We left the city at 4/4:15, I think it was, and came home at 7 pm!

It's a very good "busy." I enjoy doing other types of work involving kitchen design, it makes things interesting, very interesting, rather than doing one type of work each and every day, although, of course, I enjoy my work too. But, I love to branch out and touch all sorts of peripheral kitchen-related parts of the business.  A number of interesting kitchen related events on my calendar that are coming up too...can't wait.  

Posted by Susan serra, ckd
over 12 years ago


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