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Kitchens and Color = Spirit!

Breaking News! Interrupting our regularly scheduled green series (again), I had to show you this. I felt like I hit paydirt when I checked one of my usual sources for decorating inspiration, Domino. Wow, take a look at Domino's reader's entries for their first decorating contest. This category is kitchens and dining rooms. You will quickly see that Dominos' readers are NOT afraid of color, texture, or decorative details! How great are these??

It's always so much fun to look at "real" kitchens, especially when you see real individuality in the design. I see spirit in these homes, and that's a special ingredient for a kitchen design that is always worth pursuing. Five finalists will be selected, and will be presented on October 23.  Good work, readers!

Tip: While you're at it, check out the Renovator's Diary blog, by Brooke Williams, also on Domino. I've linked to September's entries, a good look at Brooke's very interesting kitchen.  


Posted by Susan serra, ckd
over 12 years ago


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