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retro.jpgI couldn't let this post go without showing it to you, especially since you know I have a "thing" for retro kitchens of the 60s and 70s. Do I love them? Um.....right now, I have that sort of pained half smile squinty-eyed look on my face. Sort of like greeting someone you really don't like. Let's be brave soldiers together and gaze at these wonders from kitchens past. My mother issues are coming up for me...

What a fabulous collection we have here from Desire to Inspire, ok, fabulous being an oxymoron. Nonetheless, we can talk about color, pattern, pattern (oh, sorry, I said that already) and color. I know there has to be one with a rug in there somewhere.

Desire to Inspire's Retro Kitchens 

Posted by Susan serra, ckd
over 11 years ago


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