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Kitchen Dreams in Copenhagen!

Oh, to be without the internet! It's been, what, 6 days, without the use of my computer, which was, let's say, an interesting experience! I'm glad to say I didn't freak out about it, I've been busy doing wonderful vacation things, here in Copenhagen, visiting with family, and taking so many pictures, it's just crazy. Yet, I've got to say, with my computer now connected, I feel, well, almost giddy! Thanks to Linda for putting in the post I sent to her, and to my friend Peggy from kitchen-exchange, who almost pinch hit a post for me. I can't put up images just yet, but hope to soon. In the interim, I have learned to type fast on the iphone, as I have been doing since I arrived last week (hold it with the left hand, and type with the second and third fingers)!

Copenhagen is always fantastic to see. Just yesterday I started my trek into kitchen showrooms, featuring Scandinavian kitchen manufacturers, and have many more to see. As you might expect, the designs are mostly sleek and highly functional. I've asked permission to take photos in the showrooms and will show you lots of fresh, new, design ideas upon my return (or sooner). It is part of my mission in this blog, to introduce the (at least the U.S.) world to Scandinavian kitchen design. Many, at least in the U.S., are familiar with German and Italian kitchen design, but, there is much to be said about Scandinavian kitchen design as well, which we shall see as a result of this trip!

Catch up with you later! 

Posted by Susan serra, ckd
over 12 years ago


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