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On Location

The summer season is not quite at a close. That means there’s still time to get a vacation in! Here at 30elm, we have several case studies of homes that we like to browse through when we can’t schedule a week off, or get to St. Barthelemy for that matter. Luckily, an exotic island in the French West Indies isn’t the only place to find summer solace. Hawaii offers a quick getaway for West Coasters, and you know you’ve always wanted to step up to surf lessons. Not itching for the surf, another always popular California getaway, and great place to buy a long term vacation spot, is in the lush wine country (no pun intended). If you are on the west coast, the outer banks and islands of the Carolinas offer phenomenal beach living. If your a tri-stater who can’t make the trip down south, how about springing for a getaway at Fire Island?

And of course, if these exotic locales are too impractical for you to justify owning property at, why not just settle near the links, and be close to fun and relaxation; the latter as long as your game is on.

I hope that makes you want to leave the office as much as it does me, and hey, maybe someday you’ll get to do it. Until then, enjoy ogling these gorgeous homes.

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You heard it here first

There was a blog post in the Design Talk section about our interview with Todd Haley. It’s good to see were not even close to alone in our appreciation of Haley’s style, here’s a link to Chicago Home Magazine’s article on his work: check it out.

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I am a TV addict...

I just got back from spending a weekend in Connecticut at my friend’s country house. The house was beautiful, the pool was beautiful, and the weather was beautiful. However while I was sitting out by the pool the only place I REALLY wanted to be was in the media room. I love media rooms. It’s basically a movie theater, with ridiculously comfortable chairs, where you can watch whatever you want, do whatever you want, and be as loud as your want, without worrying about disrupting fellow moviegoers.

Because of my newfound love of media rooms, I couldn’t wait to show you guys some of my favorite ones on the site!

Here they are:

Beverly Hills Modernism

Into The Woods

Blue Skies

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The Modern Gardener

One of the strengths of modern design is that with it’s natural lines, it often blends better with nature’s aesthetics. Traditional architecture certainly holds a majesty of it’s own but it often stands out from it’s environment. Modern homes get to use the surroundings as a further aesthetic asset. Of course, there are two obvious ways to take advantage of this: site choice and landscaping. Here are some examples of homes that supplement their modern beauty with their surroundings, because it comes naturally.

Let the Outdoors In

The RES4 Chesapeake Bay House

Ridge Line

Modern Love

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Outdoor Living

The summer heat is finally kicking in at full swing. It seems that practically overnight the weather here in New York City has gone from pleasant to unbearable. In my opinion, one of the only ways to brave the scorching summer is beside (or inside) a refreshing blue pool.

Here are some of my favorite outdoor living projects on our site. The pictures alone make me feel like I am in a summer paradise.

Check out these refreshing links:

A Piece of Paradise

Fire and Water

Garden Party

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