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Illusion Feadship - White Bedroo...

In continuing with my theme of "White Bedroom" postings this week here is another one!! This white bedroom is in a newly refurbished Feadship yacht designed by Frits de Voogt in 1982 named "Illusion" and is featured in this month's Architectural Digest magazine. You can read the full article here. The Interior Design Firm - Bannenberg Designs out of London "covered a wall in white wallpaper, they white-lacquered the cabinets, they upholstered the bed in squares of white leather and they furnished the space with pale oak pieces." What might have been startling is instead restful, in a way that only white can be when it is properly employed. As well as wanting to curl up in this restful bedroom, I would also relish curling up on the Aft deck (shown below) with a good book this weekend!

Master Stateroom decorated in multiple textures of white

1983 Feadship "Illusion"


Aft Deck

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Another White Bedroom

I don't know how I missed including this picture in my last posting on White Bedrooms.

Shabby Chic via Cote de Texas

Shabby Chic via Cote de Texas
Cote de Texas describes this picture as: Gustavian and Shabby Chic - the new combination.
I would love to sleep in this bedroom!!

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White Bedrooms

The post today is a re-publication of a popular post I did in December on "Chic White Bedrooms". I have updated it and added more pictures. I hope you enjoy it.

Nothing is more timeless, serene and restful than WHITE ON WHITE in a bedroom. I grew with a white bedroom
and I can still remember the quality of light that came through my white curtains as the morning sun was rising.
When I design an all white room I use several shades of white to bring out the architectural details, or I layer the
space with strong forms in different tones and textures of white and then use some strong contrasts to outline
and bring the white into focus. Every room no matter what colors are being used can benefit from a touch of black. Some of my favorite whites I use are are from Benjamin Moore: Cloud White, Simply White, Ballet White and Designer White. My all time favorite is Cloud White. I like it because it has a chameleon effect and it is a very soft. Not every white is snow white. Try using: ivory, cream, antique white, and palest beige, blue and yellow.

I like the way that Thomas Pheasant has treated this bedroom architecturally.
The wrap around tufted low headboard creates a unified feeling to a room that has angled walls.

Vicente Wolf is a master at juxtaposition.
His signature element in all of his rooms is a large over sized mirror, usually resting on the floor.

This is Nancy Corzine's very elegant bedroom. Photo via New York Social Diary
The mirrored screen creates a lively play of light and images.

Super Luxe by Alberto Pinto.
I like the layering of the padded headboard on a padded wall.

Fun & whimsy by Antonia Hutt

Hotel Luxe in Marrakech

This is a Master Bedroom that I did for a client, which was in a Heritage building, in
Vancouver's historic Gastown. There are recessed sliding glass doors on each side of the
bedroom to close it off from the dining room on one side and the ensuite bathroom on
the other side.

Mimmi O'Connell

I love the Campaign bed used here and also the textured white carpet.

Thomas O'Brien I like the use of paneled mirrors on the closet doors.

Mary McDonald Who doesn't love a canopy bed.

John Stefanidis

Tom Scheerer


David Hicks - the King of 4 Poster Beds
David Hicks hicks2

alberto Pinto1

Alberto Pinto


Elle Decor

Elle Decor



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Patricia Gray writes about Interior Design inspirations, emerging trends, and the world of Design. 
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Patricia Gray Interior Design: K...

Patricia Gray Interior Design: Knoll Saarinen Table
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Knoll Saarinen Table


Right now I am loving the cleanness of this table designed by Eero Saarinen in 1956. It has really stood the test of time and is now considered a "Design Masterpiece". I will never forget in Design School we had to do a two-point perspective rendering, hand drawn, of this table (the elliptical version) with 6 chairs with the same base around it. Whew....I hated that base for years, but I have finally come to terms with the beauty and versatility of the design. I particularly like the quote below by Saarinen and the fact that he referred to the legs of tables and chairs as "a slum of legs". As a designer I can totally relate to that. It is always a challenge to pay attention to the detail of "legs".


"The underside of typical chairs and tables makes a confusing, unrestful world,"

said esteemed Finnish designer Eero Saarinen.

"I wanted to clear up the slum of legs." Design Year: 1956


1 Diamond Baratta Elle Decor Custom Royal Hide
Diamond Baratta

eric piasecki photography1 Dominio Oct 07 Barrie Benson via HChic
Eric Piasecki Photography (left) Dominio Oct 07 (right)

Tom Scheerer1 Untitled-1
Tom Scheerer (above left and all below)

Tom Scheerer2 Tom Scheerer

Tom Scheerer3 Tom Scheerer via cote de texas

Tom Scheerer4 Tom Scheerer5

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