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Posted by Patricia gray
over 12 years ago

It's Official....

It's official I am now a Soccer Grandmother. My 5 year old grandson had his first soccer game today. I never in my life thought I would be spending Saturday afternoon on a soccer field. Not even in my wildest dreams. Saturday afternoons are for Shopping, visiting Art Galleries, Flea Markets, lunching with friends, getting my nails done etc. I told my daughter that I am only a fair weather Soccer Grandmother. Luckily today was a beautiful fall day. Who knows, maybe I'll change and get to enjoy these outdoor sporty things.
Posted by Patricia gray
over 12 years ago

Architectural Digest Kitchen

I have been getting a lot of inquiries about this kitchen that I designed that was featured in Architectural Digest December 2006. It has also been featured in Western Living Magazine August & September 2007.
Millwork & Cabinet Design Patricia Gray Inc.
Installation Redl
Countertops Patra Stone Works
Appliances Miele
Kitchen Sink & tap Cantu
Lighted shelves Living Space
Glass tile Interstyle
Photography Roger Brooks
I didn't want electrical outlets to be cut out of the glass tile backsplash so I had them mounted in the bottom of the upper cabinets.
Posted by Patricia gray
over 12 years ago

Gracie Studio Wallpaper - News F...

I had a call from Mike Gracie from New York yesterday. Mike is the president of Gracie Studio Wallpaper. He was kind enough to let me know the following about the wallpaper in this photo:

"The antique paper was purchased by Michael Smith in England, and Gracie restored and added to it. It had a lot of poor old restoration which we had to redo, and it was also not large enough to fit the room so we handpainted additional sections. Gracie's artists are expert at meticulously reproducing antique originals so that the design, coloration, and even level of antiquing are virtually indistinguishable from the original."
Mike Gracie
Gracie, Inc.
419 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003

Mike Gracie has also consented to an interview with me. So stay tuned for his interview. Thank-you Mike for clarifying the details of this wallpaper.
Posted by Patricia gray
over 12 years ago

Michael S. Smith

This picture is from the book Michael S. Smith Elements of Style. I have often admired this picture but had never read the photo credits for it and last week to my surprise I discovered that the trio of temples carved in soapstone were purchased from the estate of Michael Taylor.

Michael Taylor was one of my early mentors and I have posted a tribute to his work. Recently I was serendipitously introduced to the work of David Ward who creates organic twig art for the Michael Taylor showrooms. I consider Michael Taylor to be a great design icon I am was very pleased to see how his legacy is living on through the work of Michael S. Smith and artists like David Ward.

Other interesting items in this picture are the carved gilt console which is a treasure from the classical Irish residence Luttrellstown Castle and the wallpaper is Vintage chinoiserie. The house that this room is in, is located in Los Angeles designed by the architect James E. Dolena (1888-1978) and built in the early 30's and now owned by Howard and Nancy Marks. Interestingly it took Michael Taylor ten or twelve trips to Paris, Brussels, London, and New York and dedicated auction sleuthing around the world to gather the beautiful collections for this home.

Photo via Girl Meets Glamour

Posted by Patricia gray
over 12 years ago