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Raoul Textiles

Raoul Textiles is an exclusive fabric line that is carried at the Chicago Merchandise Mart in the George Smith showroom. I want to bring it to everyone's attention because it is a very beautifully designed fabric line.

It is hand-printed on a very fine Belgian linen in Santa Barbara, California. I wish you could touch these fabrics and feel the beautiful hand they have. I love the freshness of the colors and the movement in the designs, and the fact that it is printed by hand and made locally rather than abroad. I am all for supporting local artisans. My motto is that I always try to source my products locally to begin with, then I will go further afield if necessary.

Emma Jane Pilkington House and Garden
above fabric on chair backs

I love the colors in this fabric - soft teal blue with chocolate. It is something you would never tire of.

This is their current advertisement showing 3 different fabrics

This fabric reminds me of my favourite Auntie Anne and something she would have worn in clothing in the 70's. And this fabric also reminds me of something Florence Broadhurst could have designed in that era.

Drapery fabric Raoul "Miranda" Domino Magazine Oct 2006

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