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Lucite Lamp - My Kitchen

This Lucite lamp is one of those "Perfect" Christmas Gifts. It was given to me by my girlfriend Linda. She always knows exactly what I want, sometimes better than I know. I have to clarify that we have know each other for many years and met at Design School. Yes she is an Interior Designer also. Who else would give me something so perfect for my new kitchen. She has been my guiding light on the renovation of my home. When I was unsure if I was making the right decisions, I always consulted with her for her expert opinion. When I was on the search for the perfect hardware for my kitchen cabinets, I stumbled upon Lucite handles. Although I loved them I needed her opinion. Luckily she loved them and they are now a fait accompli (see the bottom 2 pictures). This is the lamp she bought me to sit on my antique 19th Century mahogany breakfast table to go with the Lucite theme. I don't know who was more excited as I unwrapped my Christmas gift - her or me!! Thanks Linda

Lucite lamp on top of my 19th Century English mahogany breakfast table with brass inlay.

My table is surrounded by my favourite chairs. The Louis XV Bergere Chair I have had for 25 years. It has a down seat cushion with a 1/4" flange edge, and is covered (in it's 3rd reincarnation) in a Scalmandre' damask fabric. The shield back chair is Georgian.

These are the Lucite handles gracing my pantry cabinets. My floors are 24" porcelain tile. I love it because it looks and feels like limestone without the hassles of limestone. Nicole, my little Yorkshire Terrier, and my grandsons like it because it is heated.

Postscript Jan 8 2008
Thanks for all your comments. I will post more pictures of my Kitchen as when it is finished.

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