The Red Thread

The Red Thread is the first of Samsung's Imagination Icon Series, a celebration of outstanding individuals who share Samsung's passion for beauty and creativity. The series will include sites, exhibits, and events exploring each icon's achievements. And in The Red Thread, Samsung celebrates the inspiration and passion of Valentino Garavani.

To experience Valentino's legacy and to celebrate the release of his upcoming film, Valentino: The Last Emperor, please visit The Red Thread at the following locations:

The Red Thread New York, September 4 - 10, 2008
Plaza, The Grace Building
1114 Avenue of the Americas (6th ave. and 43rd str.)
New York, USA

The Red Thread London, September 14 -19, 2008
The Hospital Club
24 Endell Street, London, WC2H 9HQ (Covent Garden)
United Kingdom

Check out The Red Thread's website for more details.

Posted by Imelda m. gozali
over 10 years ago

Working Class Studio :: New Prod...

Just got this in the mail. I'm sure you've seen it around the blogland, too. What's not to love..., I adore these two the most, Ben Tumblers and Kay Bowls. Working Class Studio will be at New York International Gift Fair booth 4141 this coming August 17-21, 2008.

Thanks, Jessica!
Posted by Imelda m. gozali
over 10 years ago

TROMARAMA, Indonesia

Febie Babyrose, Herbert Hans, and Ruddy Alexander H., the digital artists behind TROMARAMA, are the maker of this R.N.R.M. video music titled Zsa Zsa Zsu. With 1500 frames, 12 kg buttons, and 1 kg colored beads, I only have one word for it. Awesomeness.

TROMARAMA will also be participating at the Singapore Biennale 2008 this coming September. Having born in the year '84 and '85, it looks like they are the youngest artists in the biennale. Very impressive, indeed.
Posted by Imelda m. gozali
over 10 years ago

Canape by Jang Lila

Is it a piece of furniture, or is it an artwork? Well, it has all the ingredients of a furniture; wood, cloth and foam. It's a rather unusual furniture, but yet, it is still visually appealing. It's an artwork by a korean artist, Jang Lila. To me, Canape is like a reminder to always look at things or matters differently. Whether you favour it or not, sometimes the outcome can be equally pleasant. :)
Posted by Imelda m. gozali
over 10 years ago

Sweets Thoughts

For a person with sweet tooth like me, it's easy to adore these artworks. I wish I could have a wall full of these sweets. Surely my daughters would agree with me on this. ;-) Here are some candies taken from some reputable art galleries.

(top) Ahn Sung Ha, Kate Brinkworth
(bottom) Kate Brinkworth, Hwang Hyun Seung

Have a sweet, sweet day!
Posted by Imelda m. gozali
over 10 years ago