An Indian Summer

Spring is here...and so is the F...

Ta da dum di da dum dum da
If there's anything that you want
If there's anything I can do...
Just click on the link...
And the bazaar will send it along
with love from me to you!
'Inspired' by beatles ;-)

Happiness! As spring is almost here. And loads of happiness as An Indian Summer Bazaar just opened again for Feb-March, with a very different collection of hand picked goodies

Click on the images below to go straight to the collection!

India Contemporary

India Traditional

Happy Shopping!

[while I catch up on my sleep! :-)]

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago

Quick Peek into the bazaar!

Scheduled to launch in another 2 days, An Indian Summer Bazaar has an unique flavor this time. The bazaar will celebrate metal and wood, under two distinct categories - India Contemporary and India Traditional

India Contemporary will feature the premiere international launch of some great products from Aline Design. India Traditional will feature some antique and some restored products that are earthy and rustic, but have rapidly gained ground as part of urban home decor.

Hope you are as excited about the second month's opening of the bazaar as I am! :-)
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over 11 years ago

Miniature paintings in a new avtaar

Olaf Van Cleef describes himself as a traveller, an artist and an author. He is the scion of Van Cleef dynasty and is a counselor on high range jewellery at Cartier since 1982. Olaf first visited India, to present the Cartiers of Paris as a group that cherished its Indian connection and the Indian heritage, and was so enthralled by this culturally rich vivacious country that he returned to the sub-continent time and again ... and again...
For, Olaf Van Cleef was seeking sustenance for his personal philosophy of oneness with the fellowmen and discovered, in India, decisive faith: that in the rich cultural soul of this country he would find the wherewithal to satisfy his soul.

Presenting some of his paintings inspired by India and the art of miniature paintings below. Mythology and Indian iconography have been beautifully portrayed by Olaf using his style of painting using abstract pointillism and tachisme

More of Olaf 's work in mosaics can be found here

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago


Hello! Doing a quick post to share some updates with you..the great news and well, not that great (but not that bad either!) news

The great news is that over the last some days, very interesting developments are happening on the bazaar front. An Indian Summer Bazaar will be the launch pad in the international market, for an upcoming designer from NID, who is already making waves in the Indian contemporary decor segment! I personally love his designs and products, and am very excited at the opportunity to be able to bring them to you through the bazaar. Will share more details on Thursday...

The not so great (but not that bad either!) news is that given the above developments, I will need to postpone the Feb bazaar to 'end of Feb'. The bazaar will now open on Feb 29th! I know, you have been eagerly waiting for the 20th launch...but trust me, you will be glad that we waited and included the awesome products in the bazaar.

In the meantime, sharing with you some more warmth as we bid goodbye to winter (hopefully!)...

P.S: Thanks for your continuing interest in the products from the Jan bazaar! As mentioned on the bazaar site, you can look through the products at my flickr site, and drop me an email in case you are keen on purchasing something, or would like me to source something for you from India!

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over 11 years ago

Indian Kitsch!

Unadulterated, unapologetic and fun collage, attempting to capture the essence of India! Multiple contributors have added to this collage, using images, tassels, sepia photographs, textile, product labels from daily life, jewelry, icons, mirrors, lace and a lot more of Indian kitsch. To be found at the very creative site Art-e-zine

Once you get over the blast of color that hits you, take a deeper look and you will find a good sample of Indian kitsch

And, what pleased me quite a bit, is that the collage is called Indian Summer!

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago