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Thank you once again for the great response to the Feb-March bazaar! And heartfelt thanks and hugs to my blogger friends who have showcased the bazaar on their site.

I have started working for the next bazaar...but hurry, stocks are gradually getting sold out in this month's bazaar! So if you have been eyeing something in the bazaar, let me know asap! :-)

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago

The French connection

Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet have come together to create a very contemporary interpretation of history and culture of South East Asia, India, and Africa, with a dose of Creole charm!

Their association with Club Med as resulted in some stunning resort interiors - all across the world. Below are some images from Club Med's villages in South East Asia...

Checkout the cool fan..
Different interior options for a room!

Marc and Nicolas draw inspiration from each country they visit. Local craftsmenship and cultural heritage is omnipresent in each of their creations, as is evident by their online portfolio.

I hope , that we see their work in India too in the future!
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over 11 years ago

Phew! All that html, xhtml...

I have been working on An Indian Summer's format, layout and other good stuff. HTML used to be Greek for me....but now I feel as if I have been handed the 'English-Greek' dictionary - which means I can manage some bit, thank you! :-)

The best thing is that I have updated my blog roll section [on the right...look look, there is a right sidebar too :D], and tried to put them in different categories. Though I have added some of my new fav blogs, I know I have missed some too... There is a section called 'Tools', where you will find online tips and tools useful in blogging. Will keep updating the lists in the coming days!

Keep reading....couple of posts coming up in the next few hours!

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over 11 years ago

The art of shade

Something that caught my eye today...gorgeous metal pergolas from Parasoleil. I am fascinated with the interplay of sun and shade, and a pergola covered with a flower vine just calls me to come and stand underneath...or better, sit and spend some time there!
These images remind me of Robyn, who always brings lovely sun drenched images of gardens to us on her blog...

And, a pergola can be magical in the night too...
[image from firestonehp]
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over 11 years ago

A zoo on my wall?

Any takers for a pink elephant? Or, a green monkey? Or may be a couple of birds on your wall? Made out of vintage wallpaper.
Oh wait! I can't count sooo many raised hands at once!

Inke Heiland, the artist and designer of these wall decals lives in the Netherlands. She started with wildlife wallpaper for her son's room, and was so impressed with the result that she ventured into a many more such decals! I can so imagine them in a kid's room and maybe a flock of birds in other rooms!

Above are also available in the shape of tree, lamps, chair, door here to see for yourself!
Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago