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Swagat Volksfaden!

I am very proud to present to you the new sponsor of An Indian Summer - Volksfaden.

Volksfaden is a online fabric boutique from Berlin, run by Linda. What makes me so proud to have Volksfaden on my blog is not only because the Volksfaden collection of fabrics completely awe-inspiring, but also since Linda is a lovely friend!

More about Volksfaden:

Volksfaden when literally translated, means 'people's threads'. Volksfaden specializes in 100% cotton fabric, that is personally selected and imported from the United States and Japan. The collections are unique and emphasis is on pattern that is bright and eclectic. Shop for:
Fabrics here
Patterns here
Products here

A warm Swagat (welcome) to Volksfaden!
Posted by Bhavna
over 12 years ago

Kalamkari - The Art of Textile P...

I am in love. With the amazingly rich textile tradition of India! As I select exquisite fabrics and furnishings for the upcoming bazaar, I can not resist buying double the quantity, so that I can have them at my home too. You can very well imagine what this is doing to my budgeting and thoughtful financial planning!

One such rich textile art that I am planning to get is Kalamkari. Kalam means 'pen' and Kalamkari literally would mean 'Pen craft'. The name is believed to be derived from trade relationships between Persian and Indian merchants as early as the 10th century. Interestingly, European merchants had different names for similar textile art in their geography: the Portugese called it pintado, the Dutch used the name sitz, and the British preferred chintz. Kalamkari today is synonymous with both painted and hand block printed textiles that incorporate natural vegetable/organically derived colors, and the art is primarily practiced in the state of Andhra Pradhesh in India.

Kalamkari in contemporary furnishing...

Beautiful designs from Anupama

Kalamkari bed furnishing found on Overstock

If you would like to try your hand at creating Kalamkari fabric or painting yourself, you can find excellent tutorials here

[History source: Kalamkari Art]
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over 12 years ago

All that color!

I am still recuperating from the mad revelry and color onslaught of Holi - the fun festival that was celebrated in India this weekend. What a weekend it was! With Holi, Easter, Eid Milad and Navroze being celebrated all over the world!

Colored powder called Gulal used to play Holi. Yes, it is smeared on people's faces, hair and everywhere else!

Glimpses of Holi celebrations in old Indian paintings...
Lord Krishna and Radha are popular icons for Holi in Indian mythology
And, Holi spirit and colors captured very well by Steve McCurry
Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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over 12 years ago

Contemporary Terracotta

Kumbham, the brain child of Jinan, an NID alumni, has taken terracotta to a new level. And, in the process, also brought about a positive change in the life of potters and artisans from Aruvacode, a tiny hamlet in the state of Kerala. A gradually vanishing community was revived and Kumbham Pottery was born.

Kumbham has an amazing range of sustainable products. Some of the wall murals and tiles are showcased here:

Available at these places in India...
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over 12 years ago

Joining the club...

...The club that is 'Kathryn Ireland Ojai Home Fan Club'! Thanks to this wonderful blog, I got introduced to Kathryn's home, and have been drooling ever since! Ok, that's not a very pretty picture and doesn't befit this post. Let me say it again... I am mesmerized by this eclectic colorful dream that Kathryn calls home!

What I also noticed about this home is the incredible collection of textiles/furnishing inspired by Asian and Arab/Moroccan culture. Which should not be surprising since apart from being an interior designer, Kathryn also runs a successful fabric and furniture line.

So, if you haven't been introduced to this beautiful home as yet, feast your eyes on the images below and read the complete article here:

Suzani top left. The top right fabric seems to be inspired by bandhej/bandhani. Bottom right Moroccan pouf is very similar to embroidery done by gypsy women from Kutch

Check out the coffee table!

And the outdoor are as gorgeous as the indoors!

This outdoor sitting is one of my favorites!

Sample of color accents used in the house..


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over 12 years ago