An Indian Summer

Color Burst and Wandering Mind

I am dealing with a wandering mind this week. My mind has a grown a mind of its own and has been going here and there and everywhere. Which is why it has become somewhat difficult for me to put together a comprehensive post [or do anything else that requires concentration]. But. I can not leave you without some interior inspiration as another hot summer week starts. That just does not feel right. Let my mind continue to do the thinking bit. Sending a burst of colors for your bedrooms from my heart. :-)

Will be back with more substantial eye candy as the week progresses and my mind rests. Come and meet me again this week. And 'Knock' on the comments section so that I know you visited.


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Today, I am looking at...

...these images. Sharing today's cache of inspiration with you

I am going to get a couple of ladders for my home soon...use them as book shelves, towel racks, or just hang a streamer or two...

Could a bed get any simpler...or more beautiful than this?

The charm of an easel on old floor

Got to convert one of those brass thalis (plates) into a centre table...

Why does blue always looks so pretty and serene?

Madam Stoltz 2008 catalogue is out!

All I need here is a pillow and a book!

Leisurely dining

Chattai (grass floor covering)

Funky chairs!

[From Taschen , Madam Stoltz and RusticFurniture]

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Eastern Inspired Living @ Lombok

When I received an email from Nick of LOMBOK about their spring-summer collection inspired by the East, I visualized a collection full of bright colors and some what expected Eastern kitsch. But I was very pleasantly surprised to see a collection so classy, subtle and contemporary! LOMBOK has very effectively picked up nuances of Eastern design, local craft and textures, and designed it's products keeping a global home maker as the focus customer.

LOMBOK's collection is primarily from Indonesia and Vietnam. In their own words:
Our passion is to use recycled and natural materials wherever possible, for pieces that are naturally stylish and comfortable with that reassuring lived-in feel. We do everything we can to be an ethical producer. The key principles in the sourcing of materials for LOMBOK’s furniture and accessories are that they should all be: legal, Government approved and natural. This year we have scoured the globe to extend our furniture range, bringing you some distinctly oriental elements plus a gorgeous upholstered collection. Having listened to our customers, we have also developed a wealth of accessories including lighting and desktop items, textiles and basketry.


Windlights, Candle lights from their Accessory section
Other uniquely designed items

I am completely taken in by this gorgeous collection! I know where to head, when I next visit London :-)
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over 11 years ago

Wanderlust hits again! For the H...

Alrighty. My checklist:

Intentions in all the right places

Mittens and woolens ready

Trekking shoes ready

Camera and other misc stuff ready

Accompanying books and music ready

Traveling Partner (aka Mr. Shaking Head) ready - Ah..umm..well. #$%^&!!

My revised checklist..

Persuade/cajole/threaten my best half to be my road-warrior-partner again

Also find out how much would a stay in this piece of heaven cost!

Let me walk you through the architectural and design marvel that is 360 Leti. The fact that it is situated in the pristine Kumaon region of the Himalayas, makes it immensely (and uncontrollably) attractive to city weary dwellers like moi.

360 Leti, a vision of Shakti, was made real by Bijoy Jain and his team from Studio Mumbai Architects. This exclusive (I am very tempted to say reclusive!) resort has been designed and constructed such that it is in complete harmony with nature and takes full advantage of the expansive 360 view of the Himalayas. The resort opened last year, and has already won more than a couple international design awards for the architects.

Ready for a virtual tour of this remote piece of heaven?

I can not express in words how much I want to be in this room Right Now. As in asap!

I adore natural stone on floor and walls. And bare minimum number of walls.

Needless to say, you might add add some weight since you would also be 'taking in' all that view along with your food!

Metal (most likely beaten brass) bathroom fixtures. Irresistible combination of stone, gravel and wood


Sorry, I can't speak anymore. Look at the above pics! I just want to be there. At 360 Leti. I hope that Mr. Shaking Head is listening (and reading).

[Will keep you posted on how my revised-checklist-item-no.1 works out...]

P.S: Shakti also organizes some amazing village walks in Kumaon, Sikkim and Ladakh. I am too stuck by 360 Leti to wax eloquent about those. Please read up yourself. They are so worth it!

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Tibet on my mind..

Tibet. The land of Buddha. The land of peace. Embroiled now in a strife, that we all hope ends. Ends with the hope of Tibet regaining its freedom. Not just freedom of state, but also freedom of thought, freedom of expression and the freedom to nurture its ancient culture and heritage.

One exquisite, but rare artifact from Tibet is its furniture. The average Tibetan household never had much furniture, and whatever furniture was crafted, was crafted for the monasteries and the royalty. A lot of original pieces were destroyed during the cultural revolution, but you can find original antiques through some genuine dealers. It's a question of debate whether these dealers are profiteering from Tibetan heritage or in a way actually helping preserve Tibetan heritage that would otherwise have been lost. Reproductions can of course be found more commonly in the market these days

Tibetan furniture typically had only a few utility items. You will find Buddhist altar tables, storage cabinets, Choyon trunks, Chosom stands and scripture boxes. All of these items are used by lamas (monks) in the monasteries

As I appreciate the beauty of these hand painted pieces of art, I also say a silent prayer in support of Tibet and its people..

[Images from Baronet 4 Tibet]

Other Online resources:
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