An Indian Summer

'Tis the time for some...

...retail therapy @ London!

I am one happy girl after doing a whirlwind tour of my favorite stores this weekend...Ikea, Habitat and Zara Home :-)

Look at all these lovely colors that are in this summer!

I will back home next Sunday. Back home to Mr. Shaking Head, and an early torrential monsoon!

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over 11 years ago

Sleepless in London...

And now the purple dusk of twilight time
Steals across the meadows of my blog
High up in the sky the little stars climb
Always reminding me that we're apart...
[Nat King Cole: Stardust]

Have been busy with work, and

Catching up with family and friends and acquaintances

I have missed updating my little bloggie for you

And missed catching up with you

So, here is quick note to say Hello!

I'll be back soon!

[feeble attempt at poetry!]

[pictures from a weekend walk by the Chiswick riverside]
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over 11 years ago

Checking in from London..

.... Am in London for three weeks. Will drop in a quick hello and a post in the coming week, sharing London vignettes with you :-)
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over 11 years ago

Sun Sand and Some Design...

The land of sun sand and sea
Also the land of
Some breathtaking Portuguese architecture
and quirky, fun coastal design!

Known as the best kept secret of Goa, 'Elsewhere', dating back to 1886 has been lovingly and carefully transformed to a sumptuous but simple beach house. 'Elsewhere' is a house full of character, meant for those who appreciate the things that time does not change.

The white washed exteriors with eye catching rust walls. Red oxide floors

Your personal porch with a view

The decor is inexpensive; design inspiration drawn from nature and utility items

Small kitchenette with painted wooden shutters

In-built sitting on the porch...a feature common in traditional homes. The idea being that weary travelers or visitors to the home can wait and rest in the shade

Blue and white are a must in coastal decor

Who needs expensive bathroom accessories? A rope, some sticks, some nails could also do well!

;-) it takes a good photographer to make a jhadoo (broom) look so good as decor!

Oi! It's that little birdie again! In Goa this time! Anyone who knows what is this bird called?

Go Goa...

Go Elsewhere!

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over 11 years ago

Hang in there...

...take a chair
lounge a bit
as I come back to you soon!

Inspired by nature

And many shukriya's and dhanyawad's (i.e. thank you!) to my dear friends who have been dropping in to say hello. Hello to ya all! You make my day :-)

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago