An Indian Summer

Quiet nights of quiet stars...

Quiet chords from my guitar

Floating on the silence that surrounds us

Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams quiet walks by quiet streams

And a window that looks out on the mountains and the sea, oh how lovely

[Corcovado by Antonio Carlos Jobim]

Hello hello! Thought of sharing with you the song I am humming since morning today... and also thought of sharing with you David Howell Design's house in Mexico, that I chanced upon in Interior Design e-zine :)

Please love the brick work in the images below, as much as I do!

I had a great time in Munich...all work and no play though [apart from wining and dining in quaint cafes in the evenings]. Am in London right now, and will be back in India by end of this week. Do keep watching for more regular posts then!

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over 11 years ago

Munchen bound...

Heading to Munich this weekend...

Won't be able to explore the city too much

But, will surely say

Guten Tag to all my German readers! :)
Beautiful image by S. Lo on flickr

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over 11 years ago

GreenTea Design

Please welcome Greentea Design, the new sponsor of An Indian Summer !

Greentea was born of the need for contemporary Asian designs in the west. Greentea collaborates with select group of talented artisans to design stylish Asian furniture, and works with experienced buyers who hand-pick antiques from Japan, Korea and China

And that's not all! Living up to its name, Greentea has imbibed 'green' as its philosophy. All its furniture is hand-built from reclaimed wood salvaged from old country homes and warehouses. The seasoned wood adds to the charm of beautifully designed furniture pieces

Greentea is located in Toronto, and they deliver worldwide

Psst.....Get Greentea's latest kitchen guide from their site. And do take a look at their Mizuya kitchen cabinet collection. For a quick overview of Japanese, Korean and Chinese furniture, click here

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over 11 years ago

It all began this day last year...

Last year, I started this blog

And the very next day, you started visiting me

This year, there's a lot more to come

Since you all are so very special!

[to be hummed to the tune of Last Christmas by Wham!]

Tee hee!

Happy first b'day to An Indian Summer!

* Well, it did all begin this day last year. A lot, a Whole Lot has happened since then....this blog and YOU have changed my life in more ways than one! Thankfully, all for the good! You ask me how? Even if you don't ask, I will take you through a quick retrospective, along with some of my favorite images from one year's worth of posts....

Clockwise from top left: Though we gotta.., Fairies, elves..., Wanderlust hits again , Rent a tent

* As I started writing about design and decor, I realized how passionate I am about this, and how much I enjoyed writing about design and sharing & 'talking' with you. Your comments, feedback, suggestions and immense love made, and still totally makes my day! So much so, that earlier this year, I decided to change my career track when at its peak, and took the jump (gulp!) to focus solely on my blog and the bazaar. As of today (yes, on my blog's bday!) I made the choice of becoming an independent consultant that will allow me to divide my time between doing some good for corporate training, and some good for the world of design :)

* My vocabulary increased to include a new word: e-friend! Starting from Maryam who was the first non family/friend to leave a comment on my blog, to Kim and Jo who first featured An Indian Summer on their fab blog, to Linda whose emails never fail to cheer me up, to Vini of the prolific comments fame, to Katie who got me hooked to her blog through her kitchen reno, to Maddie, Gillian and Tara who reveal new meaning each day through their beautiful writing, to Stan and Kus, talent extraordinaire' Design Asia partners, to Joanna, Erinn, Helena, Brownyn, Melissa, Arch, Pam whose posts never fail to inspire me, to all my amazingly talented blogger friends who have appreciated An Indian Summer and given it a place on their fabulous blogs, and, to all the generous and loving readers who leave little notes for me...even when I am away from my blog! I am sure I have missed mentioning a lot of other efriends.... just open up the comments section or the blogs listed on the'll find them there!

From: Join the club, There are photographers..

* I am still recuperating from the emotions expressed in the last two retrospectives! Give me a moment before I speak again..

Clockwise from top left: In the pink of things, Truly Indian, Today's inspiration, Look what I found

* I realized how well I sing...on my blog that is! I have so much fun writing posts around a song, or finding songs fit to a post! I am planning to hone this skill further, so watch out for more singing posts! I will also be open to requests! ;-)

From: When I am feeling blue..., Iran

* When you write a blog, there is always this question of how open and personal you can be or should be. Well, I started with stating my name clear and upfront (yup, that's my real name). I didn't realize one interesting consequence of that. Now when I google my name, God knows what random part of a post (or a song, as is most likely in my case!) will get thrown up beneath my name! Good fun most of the times! But, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing important moments of my life in the last year with travel and vacations, my best-half rechristened as Mr. Shaking Head, my sister's wedding and my home and festivities!

From: The wedding story, 1790 miles.., Diwali...

* Of course, cats and cute babies found a way into this design blog too!

From: This post is about, Fairies, elves..., And then Ivanhoe said..

* And, the first year of my blog also brought about my first entrepreneurial venture: An Indian Summer Bazaar! Starting and running the bazaar brought about such roller coaster of emotions and mental & physical labor, that I almost went back to my 'safe' strategy and management corporate work! But boy, did I enjoy the adrenaline rush! It was so much fun!

I know you are wondering when am I launching the next bazaar? Well, given that I also have this Independent learning consultant thingie to work upon, I have decided to launch the next bazaar just in time for Diwali and Christmas. I will continue to help you with your personal shopping requests from India in the meantime.

An Indian Summer Bazaar

Phew! Hope I gave you enough reading material to last you the weekend? ;-)

Before I leave you for the weekend, couple of things...

~ THANK YOU ! For everything. Keep visiting me and writing to me

~ Enjoy your weekend! We will meet again on Monday with a brand new sponsor for An Indian Summer!

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over 11 years ago

I am back home...

.... and I still like gorgeous furniture! ;-)

Quick tip to overcome jet lag: Look at some nice warm pictures. And if these pictures happen to be of Tucker Robbins furniture, well, rest assured, your jet is no longer lagged! While I adored the raw lines of this 'monk turned world traveller turned designer', I gasped at these beautiful images on his site. Do take a look...and tell me what you like!

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over 11 years ago