An Indian Summer

There are photographers..

And then, there is Janne Peters,

whose photography,

makes you hold your breath

while your heart skips a beat or two

glimpses of the orient

simple flower arrangement - and so beautifully photographed

The pink painting against the rough wall, wood and ceramic against the stone wall...absolutely adore these images..

I can feel the quiet of this chateaux, and can almost hear the drip of the water from this tap..

Pink, Mauve and White - eternal combination

Waiter - There are white flowers in my jelly!

Need I say anything...anything at all?

These images will speak to you...

[All images from Janne]

Posted by Bhavna
over 12 years ago

Country roads, Take me home...

..Hmmm...maybe not!
Country boats, take me to Srilanka, ..
To the place
I think I can belong
boutique resort!

[John Denver purists - no hard feelings, eh?!]

Almost ancient garden

The 'green' of the pool

Fancy a lemonade in the veranda?

Or, would you rather catch a quick nap?

I can 'feel' walking barefoot on this floor

Srilanka is south of south of India! No wonder, architectural traditions are similar!
Inner pond

Look inside over the pink!

Look outside over the pink!!

And all I have to do, is dream...

... dream dream dream..

Orange corner for morning cuppa

Brass door lock (there is a word for this but for the life of me, I can not remember it right now!)

Dosai, a little marmalade and some flowers complete my experience!

Another gem from Srilanka - Apa Villea Illuketia

Posted by Bhavna
over 12 years ago

Hand that Block!

So that I can handblock!

Hand carved teak blocks, painted in different colors, have been used to create these pretty pretty fabrics

[From Anokhi, another one of my regular haunts]

Posted by Bhavna
over 12 years ago

Paper Art

Leave me unattended in a paper shop

And I can browse for hours

Feeling the texture

Smelling the unique fragrance of handmade paper

Fingering the delicately embedded bougainvillea flower or a tree leaf

Lingering over the translucent sheets

Trying to decide what not to pick, what to leave behind

And walking out with arm loads of delicious paper

Promising to be back soon!

Showcasing Art made of

Organic hand made paper

Simple and elegant

something that we can create ourselves

when at home on a rainy day!

[These beautiful posters are from Auroville]

Posted by Bhavna
over 12 years ago

DIY Arrow with a Purpose

Necessity, they say, is the mother of all invention...and creativity!

I needed a nice looking left arrow. And I couldn't find one. So I created one with all those hep online tools you can find these days ! Am quite proud of it...umm...ignore the non-straight lines...that is part of the design (did i get away with this one?!)

Now, I needed a left arrow because

I want you to please look left, and tell me if you like my latest oh-so-desirable objects!

(and, ahem, if you have by any chance, noticed something about a bazaar...)

Posted by Bhavna
over 12 years ago