An Indian Summer

And I thought I had stumbled to ...

... when I first came across an image with distinctive Indian daily use items on the eclectic blog fralenuvole bricoleuse. As I went through the link, I discovered Madam Stoltz! I am so delighted with what I found on this online shop! Such authentic Indian kitsch! Well, not everything is Indian; a lot of the items also have a very distinct french country look and feel, but what delighted me was that Madame Stoltz has managed to pick up the most day to day and mundane things and converted them into chic decor finds!

Let me take you through a selection of some Indian delights!

This paisley design is quite popular in Indian design
The 'center table' is of metal and an utensil that is commonly used in Indian homes for kneading flour! It is called paraat in North India...
If you look at the floor, you will see slippers called the kolhapuri chappal (Kolhapur is the name of the place where these originated, and chappal means slippers!)

A metal trunk, still used in traditional Indian homes to store a daughter's trousseau as she gets married!

Applique work and thread work from Gujrat (as much as I could make out) on the fabric, and the woven rug is called a chattai typically made of grass

This one is the cutest! The day bed is used in Indian villages and called charpai (meaning 4 legs)!

The lanterns and wrought iron chair could very well be Indian or Moroccan

Nothing very typically Indian in these images...apart from the green potli (bag)

A close up of paraat, and you will find the glass holder in every street vendor's stall selling food! Very commonly used in Dhabhas (street/highway food stops - typically have yum and authentic food) to hold tea glasses as the server runs from one table to the other...

Am still quite delighted with this find!
And delighted with the word delighted which has already been used in excess of 4 times in this post! ;-)
[All images from Madam Stoltz. These have been picked up from their online catalogue hence has those little numbers against each product..]

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Circle of Life

I chanced upon some stunning art work by Lindy Longhurst, an Australian artist, who specializes in Mandala art and design. Her online studio and etsy shop has an array of mandala designs and other beautiful paintings.

I found the design quite similar to what I have seen in Buddhist and Tibetan paintings, and after a bit of research, this is what I found:

man·da·la (n.) [sanskrit mandalam, circle.]
Any of various ritualistic geometric designs symbolic of the universe, used in Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to meditation. The mandala serves as a collection point for universal forces.

In the West, mandala is also used to refer to the "personal world" in which one lives, the various elements of the mandala or the activities and interests in which one engages, the most important being at the centre of the mandala and the least important at the periphery. Depicting one's personal mandala in pictorial form can give one a good indication of the state of one's spiritual life.

Through her studio, Serpent Mandalas, Lindy offers mandalas associated with astrology, chakra, landscape, fairytale, tarot and even personal mandalas!

She also has a series of paintings called the 'dream paintings' ...

Imagine these paintings against a rough off white wall (think Greece), or a bright contrast colored wall, or a black background....

Truly Asia..

Bensley Design Studio, focused on landscape, interiors and architecture, has executed multiple projects in Asia, primarily in the South East Asian countries.

Bill, the man behind BDS and a dedicated Asian-phile, has traveled extensively around the region, and continues to study and adapt his work to the unique characteristics and cultures of these countries

Presenting selected snapshots of the design studio's work in the residential space:

Aqua lovers - this one is for you!

Imagine your morning cuppa or evening chai in this gazebo..

Quite like how three different light 'forms' play in this room - Sunlight, gentle glow from the candles and light from the chandelier

Handy never know when you might need to row a boat in your dream!

Chuck your food processor out! Time to grind and mince and roll in these stone urns...

Dainty dressing corner

The colorful table and the alfresco setting reminds me of summer vacations...

Indian influence seen in the furniture the color and texture combinations here

Isn't the color combination eye catching? As is the shape of these cushions

Where do I start? The door, and the color of the door, the window frame, the texture of the pot, the profusion of colorful flowers against the stone wall...just perfect!

Quick glimpses of beautiful interiors

Mr.Bull - looks like you have been sitting still for too long! The elephants, with very typical Asian umbrellas - this one is for Courtney

The horse rider almost seems alive in this lilac setting!

Wooden statue, mini throne and wooden dragons at loggerheads!

See more of BDS's work here...

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Painting Asia in Seattle

Neece wrote an lovely email to me early this week, and also shared the link to her beautiful studio gallery -Neece Clark Studio.

Neece, a Seattle based freelance painter and wall designer, works with acrylics, painting larger-than-life botanicals, figures and abstract designs. She spent most of her childhood in India and Southeast Asia. She attributes much of her inspiration to being surrounded, at a young age, by the abundance of colorful visual stimuli prevalent in those is evidenced in these select paintings below:

You can view more of Neece's beautiful work here and also shop online!

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Snap Post!

Doing a snap post today since Mr. Shaking Head (aka my best half) has been unwell over the weekend :(

My favorite store Good Earth recently sent me a sneak preview of their upcoming collection... sharing selected goodies with you!

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