An Indian Summer

Farah Mahbub

Farah Mahbub, an immensely talented photographer and a faculty member at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, is from Pakistan. Her site is a delight - both visually and from a content perspective for people who are keen on photography.

Presenting here some of her photographic gems, focused on heritage architecture from India and Turkey:

Clock wise from top left: Detail from Delhi Red fort; Hauz Khas, Delhi; Red fort again

Ali Darwaza, Delhi; next two from Jami Masjid, Ahmedabad; Siddi Saiyad Mosque, Ahmedabad

From Turkey: Ysel Cami-Bursa; NurosmaniyeMosque; Suley maniyeMosque; Dolmabahce Palace

Cappadocia, Turkey; By the road side in Turkey; Lodhi Garden in Delhi; Busra, Turkey

[All images and information from Farah Mahbub]
Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago

I wanna fall from the stars...

Straight into your arms..

All I want is a room somewhere....
umm...maybe not!
If you notice the 'I want to be here' image on the left
You would know what is catching my fancy this week

Just give me a bed and a piece of sky
and some million stars to gaze at..

That's what I want...

Sunrise on my pillow?

And this is from where the above view has been viewed!

Sometimes, I get cheetahs for company as I count sheep
(and I think: do the cheetahs have vested interest in counting sheep with me?)

Never far away from the gentle lap of ocean to nudge me into slumber..

With cheetahs, you might get mosquitoes too! Not a problem... dreamy mosquito nets solve all my outdoor sleeping problems!

Ah! I spy a hut behind just in case it rains!

3/4th of a for this cave woman!

Nothing at all between that absolutely personal and peaceful conversations I sometimes need to have with the über architect who resides amongst the stars...

I, I feel you
Hope you comprehend
[Stars by Simply Red]

[Images in order from top: 1st two are from Loisaba, Kenya; Wolwedans, Nambia; Voyages lizard island, Australia; Wolwedans again; Tarkuni, South Africa; Kagga Kamma, South Africa; Wolwedans]

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago

Kingdom in the Himalayas

Travel to an ancient land

some yaks and a moon away...

Reach the Kingdom of Bhutan

Guided by prayer flags

Arrive at our destination, Zhiwa Ling

Shining like a jewel in the mountains

Climb up the steep walkway as you admire the lattice work..

But wait till you see what is inside!

Beautiful intricate work by local artisans

With a painting thrown in for good measure

Looks even more beautiful up close..

After the visual feast, rest yourself on the chairs

And get ready to slumber

So that you are awake to experience the magic of the night
We all are waiting to hear from you..
how did you like our kingdom?

A kingdom in the Himalayas
East of India

Visit here for more information

Image Credits:
All hotel images: Ziwa Lingh Hotel
Other snaps from Trek Earth (Michael Perfilov and Michael DF)
Map from Bhutan Tourism

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago

Lay a whisper...

...on my pillow
leave the winter on the ground

I wake up lonely
there's an air of silence
in the bedroom
and all around

Touch me now
I close my eyes
and dream away...

It must have been pink ....

But it is Blue now...


[Image courtesy Marie Maison, Living etc and Mediterranean style]

[Song: It must have been love..Roxette for Pretty Woman. This one's for you, Affinity!]
Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago

Strippy Strips

Who says we need curtains for windows...

Give me this any day!

And maybe the inspiration comes from the Tibetan prayer flags...

[images from Marie Claire Maison and Voyage]

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago