An Indian Summer

Psst...Sneak Preview of the Bazaar!

The bazaar is finally coming to town!

Quick preview of some of the goodies you can buy from the bazaar

The Good News:

I am getting closer to completing all the prep required to get An Indian Summer Bazaar online and running :-). Some %^&* logistics still need to be closed, for which my fingers and toes are all crossed and I am touching every piece of wood I can lay my hands on [while my best half works to figure them out]!

If everything goes as per plan, and the Gods smile, and the birds sing, and all the good stuff happens, the bazaar will go online at 2p IST on Jan 15th! (yippee and yips!)

The Not So Great News

I am still waiting for the ^%&* licence that will allow me to sell within India. Can you imagine it is easier (relatively) to set up to transact outside India than within India! So, unfortunately, my fellow countrymen and women will have to wait for next month's bazaar :(

What to expect in the bazaar?

1. I have handpicked unique items straight from the craftsmen for the bazaar :) My bit towards Fair Trade

2. For the soft launch tomorrow, I have products under furnishing, wall art, decor knickknacks and some interesting items for personal use. You will get a chance to browse leisurely through the products tomorrow...the bazaar will start accepting orders from Jan 16th

3. Each item is unique, which means that I don't have a ready mass stock for any one item. The first person to place an order will be the lucky buyer. You will find simple and clear instructions on 'how to' on the bazaar site

4. I will ship every Tuesday and Friday, in lots, to be able to get better shipping rates for you :)

5. The bazaar site and operations are quite simple (that means non high-tech!) and personally handled right now. That means no shopping cart right now... but all payment and shipping is secure and trackable

6. Want something and didn't find it on the bazaar? No worries! Just drop in a request form to your *Personal Shopper* (i.e. Moi!), and I will help you procure that special product :)

Have a question or a suggestion? Drop in a comment! :-)

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago

And then Ivanhoe said...

My dear Masha, you paint so well!

Adorable water colors from Masha D'yans who is originally from Russia, and now stays in the US. She is a professional graphic designer, and loves to paint and illustrate

She also has a product line of cards, bedding, T-shirts and prints!

Cathoe says:
"I so agree with you Ivanhoe!"

Find more of Masha's beautiful work here

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago

Take a deep breath and...

Be Calm.

I need to do some deep breathing
and, Relax.

As I frantically try to set up everything for the bazaar
New bottlenecks come up
While my explorer runs some god forsaken thing called active scripts
and nicely jams up my internet

If I had my way
I would turn all the red tape in the world to green tape
Don't know if that would help too much
But at least it would be green...
...and eco friendly

Totally random. I know.
This burst of randomness happens
when I am very happy
or very stressed

What calms me
looking at images like these

Coz, I too have white couches
And through these images
I appreciate their future potential

Where am I headed
If I feel calm
By looking at nicely done interiors

Wherever it is
The one consolation I have is
That at the least, the place would be
Aesthetically pleasing


[some of my favorite images from Marie Claire]
Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago

Rainbow colors for 2008!

I wish 2008, for all of us, is:

V ibrant

I nteresting

B ountiful
G reen
Y outhful
O ptimistic and

R ewarding

Hope to see and hear a lot from all of you in this new year! :-)

[images from Marie Claire, Mads, Mediterranean Lifestyle]

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over 11 years ago

Pretty Pretty

I just couldn't resist these charming patterns from Galbrith & Paul. Reminds me of spring and early summer!

Do check out their site for more designs and for custom designing of rugs!
Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago