An Indian Summer

I Heart @ Bazaar...

The bazaar has been up for five days now, and is getting a steady, good response :-)

Readers, shoppers and fellow bloggers, have shared appreciation, suggestions, encouragement...hearing from all of you has meant a lot to me. Thank You once again!

And a special thanks to Erinn, nay-k, Jo and Kim, Joanna, Linda, Barb, Shelly for giving a special spot to the bazaar on their beautiful blogs ~ Gracias ladies!

Today, I thought I'll share with you some of my personal favorites in the bazaar...
[From left to right- Code: D25-26; D06-07; P12; P13; D15; P21]

I would love to hear what do you heart @ bazaar! :-)

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago


I owe this post to Bronwyn [of the fabulous Smoke and Ochre] for quite some time now. She tagged me to list '7 random and/or weird things about myself, and I thought...only 7?!! I can come up with a good laundary list of these things! ;-)

So, here goes!

I can not stand the 'Arial' and the 'Times New Roman' font. Especially 'Arial'. People who have worked with me for some time know that any document they send me for review, will get back to them with its font changed!

My signature is not consistent. There have been multiple times when I had to write a new cheque just because my signature came out to be so different that the bank rejected the last one. Things that impact my signature: kind of pen, surface I am signing on, my mood...

I like Cerelac. Love it actually. Ofcourse, I am in no way close to being a toddler right now...if I had been, I would have been quite a prodigy...writing a design blog at the age of 1! ;-)

There are two things that I do when I am stressed. One: I clean. Anything and everything I can lay my hands on. And Two: I shop :)

I have a mental block against day to day Maths. I can easily strategize about financial models, understand corporate balance sheets etc; but can not calculate 15% off on a Rs.3500 duvet cover. I call my husband to find out the final discounted price. He had an advanced calculator installed in his brain when he was a child

This weird fact is according to my 'aforementioned husband': He thinks that every night, I use enough moisturizer on my hands to nicely moisturize an elephant. That, ofcourse, is not true. I do have soft hands though... ;-)

The latest random but nice fact is that I have taken a sabbatical from work [after 6.5 years in the same company] to spend some time doing non-corporate work. Like write about design, shop for and run the bazaar, maybe do a couple of interior design projects, travel, learn pottery etc. It feels weird at times, to have moved out of my comfort zone...but most of the other times it feels quite nice :-)

--Thanks for tagging me, Bronwyn!
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over 11 years ago

Getting ready for final launch t...

First of all, a huge THANK YOU for the amazing response to the bazaar! I am overwhelmed by all the lovely emails and comments you have sent me...It truly feels like I have opened shop for my friends, and not an unknown virtual world :-)

The update for today is:

The bazaar would go offline from 11:00a till 4:00p IST. I will use this time to ready the bazaar for the final opening. From 4:00p IST (that is + 5.30 hrs GMT), you can start buying from the bazaar!


*Happy Shopping!* The bazaar is live now!

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over 11 years ago

An Indian Summer Bazaar is Live!

With a lot of pleasure

anticipation and excitement

I invite you to the soft launch of

Click on the link above or on the left sidebar to travel to the bazaar

And do tell me how you like it! :-D

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over 11 years ago

This is Bazaar Reporting Sir. An...

Update [4:00p IST]:

Well, the quick update is that after finally posting everything on the bazaar site [its a wordpress blog], and doing a quick UAT, I found out that a lot of pictures are not visible!! I can view them as the author, but others can't view them! :(

Appreciate your patience hugely as I figure this out! And, if there are any wordpress experts out there- Help!



Right now, as of this very moment, I am working very hard [I'll be modest some other time ;-)] to get the bazaar ready for today evening (ie evening India time). I know a lot of you are clicking on the bazaar link but can't get into the site...that is because I am working on it right now and have disabled access.

Please come again in another 3-4 hours and voila! the bazaar would be open!

See you then! Back to hard work now!

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago