An Indian Summer

Anything for a good photographer

I am still laptop bereft, and am trying my best to keep up with blogging via my husband's laptop. His laptop is not 'me' friendly...i.e. it has applications that can show me live stock prices from Wall Street and Dalal Street (India's stock exchange), but can not do a pixel of good for an image!

But when I came across Tim Beddow's stunning photography, I had to share it with you...even if it meant working on a non-creative laptop of an investment banker!

So without much ado, here are some of my favorite images from Tim's 'exotic' and 'safari' collection...

Isn't the door gorgeous? Though I am not too fond of lizards and like, I guess I can live with them if hard carved in wood! The metal figurines are so like the bastar art form from India..

Reminds me of my days of poetry and hookah ...
The days as in daydreams... ;-)

I adore planter chairs! But I have a sneaking suspicion that the planter chair designers thought that planters could only be men, and hence they designed the chair such...

Like the colors of this photograph. The bedspread seems to be of batik print..

I can't tell you how desirable this room is right now...all that sun and warm colors..

Eclectic! The painting, chairs, Surahi, and ofcourse the tree...different styles and eras, but seem so right all thrown in together

Umm..safari evenings!

And, my absolute favorite....

I will come back with a very different genre of Tim's interior photography in a couple of days...

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over 11 years ago

What to do over the weekend?

1. Twiddle my thumbs as I wait impatiently for my new laptop to arrive

1.a. Call the laptop sales guy 63rd time to ask him intelligent questions about laptop configuration and stuff. Most of the times, I forget what is bigger and better - MB or GB (and to think that technology is supposed to make our lives simpler!)

[flickr image from Daveblog]

2. Get some therapy

2.a. I meant retail therapy :D. Afterall, I have the Feb bazaar to launch on the 15th!

3. Steal my husband's laptop to 'talk' to you, while he sleeps ;)

1. It's the weekend! Have fun!!

2. The Jan bazaar closes on Feb 3rd (Sunday) at 6p India time. So go ahead and shop to your heart's content before it closes!

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over 11 years ago

Under the weather :(

It is unusually cold in Gurgaon this week...

Ideal time to catch those 'elusive' viruses and bacterias

Hang on a second...

Is viruses and bacterias grammatically correct?

I mean, are they the words..

...That remain the same

whether singular or plural?

I will find out

When my dearest unwell laptop recuperates!

Yes, all this cold has not affected me

But my laptop is down with some virus

And hence the absence from posting

My laptop plans to return from its sick leave

In another day or two

And that's when I will be back too!

You take care meanwhile....

[and I hand over Mr. Shaking Head's laptop back to him before he wears out the floor by his anxious pacing! Apparently, "I can't handle sophisticated equipment like laptops"!!]

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over 11 years ago

Bahut Shukriya...

... Katie, Bronwyn, Selya and BudgetCasa for showing love to An Indian Summer Bazaar!

Striped stole in the winter sun, on my favorite rug, with my favorite flower
Striped stole: Available in the bazaar
Favorite Rug: Similar can be made available
Winter Sun: Priceless

The current lot of goodies are available for another 5 days. Make sure you have picked up what you like before the bazaar closes to prepare for next month!

[Bahut Shukriya means Many Thanks!]

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over 11 years ago

As straight as it gets

I am setting up my home office [fancy name for work table ;-)], and have recently picked up furniture very similar to images below. This place, where I picked up my desk and rest, is quite interesting. While they source and restore old and antique furniture from the corners of the country, they also custom make straight line contemporary furniture with wood that has been treated to look old! The result is quite must-buy-licious!

And as I set up my work place, I might as well pick up something for nap place...


Ofcourse, I also need a new rug, a lamp, a pen/paint brush holder, chair cushions...among other things before I can start 'working' ;-)

I will share the pics of my home office when it is ready!

[Psst: Let me know if you like the kind of furniture as shown above, or old Indian planning to debut small furniture pieces in next month's bazaar! Email me if there is something specific you would like)

Posted by Bhavna
over 11 years ago