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Joining the club...

...The club that is 'Kathryn Ireland Ojai Home Fan Club'! Thanks to this wonderful blog, I got introduced to Kathryn's home, and have been drooling ever since! Ok, that's not a very pretty picture and doesn't befit this post. Let me say it again... I am mesmerized by this eclectic colorful dream that Kathryn calls home!

What I also noticed about this home is the incredible collection of textiles/furnishing inspired by Asian and Arab/Moroccan culture. Which should not be surprising since apart from being an interior designer, Kathryn also runs a successful fabric and furniture line.

So, if you haven't been introduced to this beautiful home as yet, feast your eyes on the images below and read the complete article here:

Suzani top left. The top right fabric seems to be inspired by bandhej/bandhani. Bottom right Moroccan pouf is very similar to embroidery done by gypsy women from Kutch

Check out the coffee table!

And the outdoor are as gorgeous as the indoors!

This outdoor sitting is one of my favorites!

Sample of color accents used in the house..


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over 11 years ago


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