An Indian Summer

The Wedding Story

Late last year
Two individuals
decide to get married
And the rest,
As they say,
Is history!

The Build up:

32 weekends devoted to shopping
Guest lists tuned and fine tuned nth number of times
Wedding venues seen, rejected and finally one selected
Wedding dress all ready in August for a December wedding
Strict instructions to the bride-to-be to maintain exact weight and measurements
8 trips up and down Delhi, Mumbai and London
'Project' plans created in excel sheets and shared across families
Cards specially designed by the couple in London
Got printed in Mumbai and
Then shipped to Delhi
Before they were finally couriered to the fine tuned guests
A week before the wedding :)
Family averaged one minor emotional or logistical storm every two weeks
Every one week as the day drew closer...

we waited in anticipation
for the..

The Wedding

Thousands of them
White and Yellow
Satin and organza cloth streamers
The wedding venue looked like a dream
And the dream also had
Unexpected high velocity winds
(that helped nicely done hairdo's and sarees to go to places they aren't supposed to)
And some rain
But they say,
Rain on a wedding day is lucky
So we rejoiced
for the happy couple :)

And then
After some hours of ceremonies in the wee hours of the morning
the aforementioned Two individuals
were pronounced
Man and Wife

Congratulations to my dearest lil sis and friend-turned-bro-in-law!!

As we wait for the professional photographer's pictures to come in,
Sharing with you some beautiful photos taken by my uncle...

Decoration. You can 'see' the wind..specially in the second snap on right

Waiting eagerly for the 'Baraat' (Groom's party) to arrive

Glimpses of the bride...

From the 'pheras' (ceremonies)

And, a snapshot of absolutely beautiful colors, textures and fabrics that lit up the wedding

And, now that the wedding is all nicely done

I shall be back with a vengeance to blogging :-)

[P.S: I am open to be hired as a wedding planner....but this time, I better be paid! ;-)]

Posted by Bhavna
over 12 years ago


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